Simulation Tools and Results

CARAVAN is evaluated by integrating VanetMobiSim, used for vehicular mobility simulation and JADE used to simulate the behaviour of vehicle agents. The implementation modules of VanetMobiSim provide the functionality of initialising and controlling the simulation environment to effectively model the mobility patterns. It has been customised as per the need of the algorithm to detect and render mobility patterns, form communication groups of vehicles and generate important notifications which reflect changes in vehicular movements. The implementation modules of JADE provide the functionality for maintaining the lifecycle of the agents. The existing modules of JADE have been customised to simulate the behaviour of vehicle agents in terms of inter-agent communication and negotiation.HSQLDB framework provides the functionality of fast storage and retrieval of data such as road network information and vehicle agent preferences. The integrated framework serves as an effective tool to model the vehicular mobility driven by the vehicle agent behaviour.

Key Primary Classes


Customised Classes

New Classes


New Classes

Key Simulation Results

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